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NOSQL UG Meet – SQLBangalore UG Meet on 24 Nov 2012

November 20th, 2012 2 comments


Do not get confused! it was intentional that i said NOSQL but i know not even abcd of NoSQL. What i really meant is its Not Only SQL (NoSQL) at least for me.  As i am not a SQL Admin or Dev, but i use it during the course of my life as a Messaging Administrator for reporting or as Back-end for third party or Microsoft technologies itself.  That is my interaction with SQL other than listening to some of the sessions as i like to learn technologies and sometimes just for the reason that i like sessions of a particular speaker.


I just want to share here details around SQLBangalore UG Meet which will be hosted on 24th Nov 2012. Here are some details around the same:

Session 1: SQL Server – T-SQL Pitfalls (30 mins)
Speaker: Vinod Kumar M, MTC – Technology Architect

Session 2: Top 5 SQL Server 2012 functions (30 mins)
Speaker: Manas Ranjan Dash

Session 3: Contained databases with SQL Server 2012 (30 mins)
Speaker: Sudeepta Ganguly, Sr. Systems Engineer – Atos

Session 4: Performance Tuning with Columnstore Index in SQL Server 2012 (30 mins)
Speaker: Pinal Dave, Technology Evangelist – Pluralsight

You can register for the event at this eventbrite page.

Venue: Signature Building, Microsoft India, Domlur – Bangalore

Schedule: 10:30am to 13:00pm

For early discussions around the same you can connect to the group and event at Facebook.

FB Group: SQLBangalore

FB Event: 24th Nov – SQL Server UG Meet

If you see the event agenda, there are sessions by those who any SQL geeks will never want to miss, Vinod Kumar is Technology Architect at Microsoft, and i love his blogs on SQL and more on Life skills from time management to leadership. You can reach him at Blog | Twitter. I dont have to say anything about Pinal sir, somebody said at TechEd 2011 that he is the SQL Celebrity of India.  I would stick to that, he is one of the true Technology Evangelists. You can reach him at Blog | Twitter.

Don’t miss session 2 and 3, those are the ones i want to listen from this event. Its simply b’coz Manas and Sudeepta are my Good Friends. Manas is an Excellent Developer and Sudeepta is a SQL Admin, but like me he explores different technologies. You can get in touch with them here: Sudeepta (Blog | Twitter) – Manas (Blog | Twitter).

If you like interactive sessions, then have a look at the related posts below and have questions ready, your questions may get answered by the Industry Experts.

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So, enjoy Learning and Networking!



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