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Preparing Windows 7 PC for DHSE (Kerala Plus Two) Computer Exam Practice

June 1st, 2012 No comments

Some time back, at my home town in Kerala, I had to help a student who is studying for Higher Secondary Education under Commerce Scheme (in Karnataka its called PUC), in my study time it was not there, we studied PDC (Pre-Degree Course)

 Ok, so this post is all about helping a Plus Two Commerce student to prepare for their Computer Application Subject.

 I am writing this mainly on the idea of how to run the applications which are not supported on your Windows 7 PC, and which is supported on Windows XP. Today also the Exam board is teaching Oracle 8i (for SQL), Visual Basic 6, and Tally 7.2.  Out of these Oracle 8i is no more available for download from the products web site, and I do not know the case of VB 6.

And out of these the three mentioned above (Oracle 8i, VB 6, and Tally 7) are not functional on Windows 7. so you need to have a Windows XP PC or use a latest version and keep up to date with the changes, because during examination you are provided with the old versions.

 Most of the juniors out there have a PC now at home, or at least their sister or brother has one.  And most of them are nowadays Windows 7.

 So here is my solution by using a Virtualization Software making you work around this situation.

¬†Oracle 8i is no more available from the Product Web site now, so what we will do is to make use of Oracle 11g Express Edition, and simulate its “SQL Command Line” Tool to work like the SQLPlus available in Oracle 8i.

 Virtualization Software, makes you something like Install an Operating System such as Windows XP on top of another OS for example your Windows 7.

 For following these instructions you need to have Windows XP CD with Serial Key,  Internet to download Oracle 11g (if you do not have internet at home, you can go to an Internet Cafe or tell your big Bro or Sis to get it done for you :-) ).


I don’t want to provide a single lengthy article, instead I did split this into 3 sections.  You can follow below three separate articles to get this done, if you are going to complete this all stuff one shot it might take around 3 hours including download.  You can also follow these steps at intervals there is no necessity to perform these at one shot. I suggest read all of them once before you start following them on your PC.


  1. Install  Oracle VM VirtualBox

              This article will explain you how to get the VirtualBox software and install the same on your Windows 7 PC.


  1. Install Windows XP in a Virtual Machine on VirtualBox

              This article details how to create a Windows XP Virtual Machine, and shows basic steps on using  VirtualBox software including copying data to the virtual machine


  1. Installing Oracle 11g Express Edition, Visual Basic, and using html on Virtual Machine

               This last article will show you how to install Oracle 11g and using it instead of Oracle 8i SQLPlus, and will give a glance of installing VB 6 and Tally 7.2


Note:- If your PC is already a Windows XP machine, and your concern is only about Oracle 8i, then you can follow above Step 3 Alone on your Windows XP PC.

Enjoy Learning…


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I hope this might be of help to someone.