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TechEd India 2012 – Winding up Day 1

March 22nd, 2012 2 comments

Due to the excitement, last night the sleep was not sound, it was full of sounds from #TechEdIn. Got up early at 5:30am and first thing i checked was twitter, I couldn’t wait to see the happenings, and what did i realise was that how much the people behind the stage – organizers and speaker are putting their effort to make this event a success.

At even 3AM in the morning, above tweet was posted – i took the snapshot now at 23PM, this is amazing, awake at 3am and hist first session at 11am. Kudos to all the speakers and organizers.

So huge registration counter, i did register at counter for ORG Name “V” – for vMoksha Technologies.¬† They couldnt find my name in their database, so got my name wrote down on the TechEd Passport, that looks like below:

This passport contains all the session details, the sessions details of Win Srv 8 Track which was not mentioned in the web page, and all other details.

Since i was too early, i did walk around all the venues and took some snaps too. Got a view at the venues where i will be attending.

By 8:30 i guess, Sudeeptha and Manas did reach, we were talking and then i met with these guys Jacob Sebastian, i could remember his face from some of the sql sites. we did talk for quite a long time about “is SQL a Developer or Admin stuff?, Where is the seperation?”. Some insights from the experts.¬† Shared on what we each do at work day and some discussion about what is a PASS Chapter and Sebastian did share on what are the new progress in PASS and SQLSat area.

Then, i could see Pinal coming to the venue, in no time, full of SQL Experts and Speakers (I am just an enthusiast), It was a WoW when Pinal sir did say “Sahal Bhai” and i was like how do you remember my name, GetExchange? was the answer with – ¬†”Thode hi dhin pehle mile tha na” – i did have a chance to say hi to Vinod and Pinal at MTC while attending a training. Then it was time for the Key Note, as i mentioned in my previous post, there the talk happens on where the business is heading and industry is looking at. The first keynote was by Sanket Akerkar All changes from last one year to today and whats the plan for future was explained. Its all about consumerization of IT. “Provide Information, irrespective of where the end user is, irrespective of their device within the form they want and however big it is”.

After the second keynote, i did start my day with Aviraj’s session on Windows Server 8 “Technical Overview” – it was a stage setter for the Windows Server 8 Track, he did an overview of the new Server Release and a touch on what other sessions in the same track will cover. Followed by a session by Rohit Gulati on “Beyond Virtualization” – a sneek peak at Hyper-V 3.0 all new features were covered with cool Demos. The session went little ahead of the schedule, and it was 15 minutes late to lunch, so i did rush for lunch.

Lunch Time:

Lunch was arranged at pool side, nice place for a luch at such an event. you had veg and non-veg dishes, i couldnt spend much time there to be not late for the sessions so just had veg rice and some desert.

Win 8 Session on AD and Dynamic Access Control was my plan, but in an effort to get into the next planned session of Pinal and Vinod at sql tracks full packed hall, i  did leave half way of this session. I felt that the audience analysis and estimation was not done up to the mark, otherwise they could have chosen a bigger hall for SQL track. Next the SQL Server Misconception track by Vinod and Pinal together on stage, it was full of Puzzle and Fun, together with lots of misconceptions cleared Рi just could get some of them, its way ahead for an Exchange Admin.

The last Tech Session in MyAgenda was of “Identity in Private and Hybrid Cloud” – it was a stunning session by Siddarth Bhai, Program Manager for AD. He went on taking all the questions and answering them when ever audience rised their hands. it was with good technical drill down and a very little bit of demo. It was all about how identity and authentication work in a Cloud/Office365 setup with ADFS 2.0 and protocols such as SAML ans WS-Trust.

Now comes the Grant fun event of the day, “Demo Extravaganza” – the same guys as in my previous TechEd in 2010 – Nahas and Harish started with Demoing on Win8 [ it booted in 8 count downs ], followed by MS Anand on Live Migration of VM between two standalone Hyper-V 3.0 Boxes, it had only one Ping request drop, Then Aviraj on stage with the Demo-Powershell script showing some stuff around Hyper-V administration with shell, followed by Vinod – cool office tricks, i am an Exchange Admin but i didnt know the trick of sending calendar in an email, collecting feedback to an MS Access database from outlook – all cool tricks.

There were lots of goodies, and you know what? someone just gave back their Apple phone for a new Windows Phone goodie on the spot.

Time to go home and take rest… and i leave from the venue with lots of learnings, pleasure of meeting community members and leads out there.

Below are some snaps i captured in Day 1:

ROCKSTARs  РThe community contributers  РThis snap deserves to be on top of the list

Jacob Sebastian, My Self, and Manas – Before the key note at Siddarth 2

Seudeeptha, Manas, and Jacob – Before the key note at Siddarth 2

The SQL Speakers gang, i could tell Pinal, Jacob, BLakhani…

Teasers from Pinal Dave

The BITPro Community heros

Guru and Shishya at the back seat for the Keynote

Aviraj on Win Srv 8 Session 1 – Technical Overview

The picture says it all

Two speakers on stage trying to confuse audience :-) – Lots of misconceptions of SQL Guy’s cleared


Siddharth Bhai on Identity in Private and Hybrid Cloud


Thats from the Demo Extravaganza – Win8App










Welcome, The belated beginning…

March 20th, 2012 Comments off


Launching this site is not the goal…

This is the beginning of a journey….Dont know where it will reach or if it will ever end…

Above two lines were added as the welcome post the day this web space was ready, so i just prefer to keep it just like as my firt thoughts…

This site called is my (Sahal Ummer) attempt to share, learn, and to reach my dream of being a blogger. Why to be a blogger, honestly when the thought began it was about making nice articles, with good looking screenshots.  Then it was about being famous, then it was a fascination towards the recognition called MVP, two years later today its a feeling to write, a passion to share however small or big it is, however tough or easy it is i want to jote down my learnings and share with the people out there. It might help someone out there, or it will just satisfy my passion.

I am writing this today March 20th 2012, but the thought of which was started in June 2010.  I was onsite on a project for preparing the design for an Exchange Server 2010 transition from Exchange 2003, conducting discussions with other infrastructure teams, and putting a high level design and a detailed design document in place.  While performing some tests of configurations with a Microsoft PFE, i came across this cmdlet called Test-ActiveSyncConnectivity , and it was failing with the different sytaxes we try, i need to agree that i was quite new to PowerSehll and Cmdlets at that time. So the day eveningi was trying to figure out to solve this minor problem, and i could find out the syntax and how to use it, so there the thought arise to blog about it and the below blog was created the next day:

This initiative, stood still from that day, and was made as private page in Jan 2012, as thats when i did re-think about blogging (rather call it sharing the learning). But by then i was little bit addicted to Windows Powershell and more friendly with Exchange Management Shell and its Cmdlets, Which all started by the initiative to automate mailbox creation for my customer, this initiative was an official commitment so i couldnt retreat. But it led me to be a powershell and automation geek, i would share that story in a later Blog series.

So in Jan 2012, there comes the need to generate a  more relevant web space and the page borne:

I did create an about page and a legal page, legal page pretty much collected from the web on how to be not responsible for people doing my lab experience in their production without proper testing :-)  but the thought of having a own domain name triggered then, and the name getexchange(dot)com was the choice, but someone really good did register a lot of domain names and it was $4000 for this domain the bidd, hence rework on the naming and arrived at Get-Exchange (dot) info (.info being the cheapest of domains ;-) ) but we dont care the domain right? if the information in it is useful. I choose the INove theme from wordpress which i got attracted on and, and i could do little customizations on the theme, need to experiment this part later.

All this space of buying domain, hosting space, setting up a web site, and getting into wordpress were new to me. My friend Najeeb from Calicut did help me with domain name buying and ideas on wordpress, due to some technical issues he couldnt get me a hosting space. He is a very supportive person, he does web page design, content management and system admin, he maintains two pages Kadalundi and QatarClassifieds . And here to mention my Thanks to my manager, who helped with his credit card to buy account from FatCow hosting ( you got it right, i dont use a credit card Рuntill today :-)   )

My inspirations to become part of the community more actively, started from early 2010, when i started attending BITPro UG Meet Sessions, and got attached to powershell sessions from Ravikath. I did meet people like Kalyan (BITPro UG Lead), MS Anand (The Cloud Specialist from Microsoft), Vijay Raj ¬†(The Geek, and Photographer – Energetic Speaker) all of them at these UG Meets. They are all great guys with so much enthusiasm and passion.¬† I always wondered how could these people manage time for all these.¬† Another few to name for the inpiration are Vinod Kumar¬†and Pinal Dave (the SQL Gurus with a strong community touch). Pinal’s APostADay is amazing, if someone has to get motivated for blogging from someone, it would be him. Vinod’s thoughts and ways of Evangelism is very interesting, i read most of his posts on such thoughts.

Finally, but not the final – I need to mention my Dad, a great honest and stright forward person, if its the truth and right, he stands for it. He always says to me “Do things on time – Dont waste your time” – and i always start at the end of the deadline rushing to complete – i put this thought now on my everyday, thinking am i delaying something, do i have some tasks to be on priority and its yet there in the To-Do list.

 Short story long, this is the story of this blog and let me get started!

Are you saying all the best to me? then put a comment to this post…