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Exchange 2013 Setup Error: The Certificate is Expired

This  post is about another issue I did run into in my Lab environment while installing Exchange 2013 Preview.  The installation I was on a Windows Server 2012 RC.  And the roles being installed are Client Access and Mailbox.


At step 8 of the setup, I was thrown with below error:


As you know first place to check is ExchangeSetup.log, open the log file and pres Ctrl+End, you will reach the end of the file the place where our error will be available:

Why should a Certificate be expired? The only the reason is elapsed date of its start and end of validity.  The log shows the certificate is valid from 7/20/2012 to 7/20/2017… but the silly part – my lab machine’s date is 05/13/2012 – its clearly out of the validity period of the certificate.


The solution is to change the system date and once done, setup did run smoothly and installed the certificate correctly.

Now why the date is too behind, that’s due to some plays around my hyper-v host due to Evaluation versions :-)


Hope you enjoyed this short post..

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