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Exchange 2013 Preview – ExchangeSetup.log and few observations

This is a short post around Exchange 2013 Preview setup, there is no much useful information, but just few observations as the title suggests.  Note:- This is from a Exchange 2013 Preview Setup of ClientAccess and Mailbox Role Combined on a Windows Server 2012 RC.

Observation 1:

First few lines of the setup log:

Fun part, the setup log still says “Exchange Server 2010 Setup”, next you could also see the OS version on which the setup is run and the setup version, which here is 15.0.466.13

Next, it will record the credentials used to run the setup, this is helpful in some setup failure troubleshooting.

The next important information is the complete setup options chosen while starting the setup is recorded, this is another useful data.


Observation 2:

Detailed role components listed in the setup

There is no HUB and EDGE Roles in Exchange 2013 but you could see here, its installing components required for the transport functions.

The $RoleInstallPath  is not defined while the setup is run only with /PrepareAD switch

This was found while I was troubleshooting my ADPrep failure, interesting – if you see Install-ExchangeSchema function, it looks like its constructing a path to a schema file, but using a variable $RoleInstallPath which is not defined, but more interestingly the function still constructs the path as you can see the end lines showing the complete expected path.

But while you are installing the any roles such as ClientAccess or Mailbox the Variable is well defined


 Observation 3:

 Some services started by the setup as seen from the logs:

So is it necessary to set “Net. Tcp Port Sharing Service” to Automatic as a pre requisite, that needs to be checked during next installation.

That’s all for now.


Please drop your comments.


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