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Exchange 2013 Setup Error: The Certificate is Expired

August 14th, 2012 1 comment

This  post is about another issue I did run into in my Lab environment while installing Exchange 2013 Preview.  The installation I was on a Windows Server 2012 RC.  And the roles being installed are Client Access and Mailbox.


At step 8 of the setup, I was thrown with below error:


As you know first place to check is ExchangeSetup.log, open the log file and pres Ctrl+End, you will reach the end of the file the place where our error will be available:

Why should a Certificate be expired? The only the reason is elapsed date of its start and end of validity.  The log shows the certificate is valid from 7/20/2012 to 7/20/2017… but the silly part – my lab machine’s date is 05/13/2012 – its clearly out of the validity period of the certificate.


The solution is to change the system date and once done, setup did run smoothly and installed the certificate correctly.

Now why the date is too behind, that’s due to some plays around my hyper-v host due to Evaluation versions :-)


Hope you enjoyed this short post..

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Exchange 2013 Preview – ExchangeSetup.log and few observations

August 13th, 2012 No comments

This is a short post around Exchange 2013 Preview setup, there is no much useful information, but just few observations as the title suggests.  Note:- This is from a Exchange 2013 Preview Setup of ClientAccess and Mailbox Role Combined on a Windows Server 2012 RC.

Observation 1:

First few lines of the setup log:

Fun part, the setup log still says “Exchange Server 2010 Setup”, next you could also see the OS version on which the setup is run and the setup version, which here is 15.0.466.13

Next, it will record the credentials used to run the setup, this is helpful in some setup failure troubleshooting.

The next important information is the complete setup options chosen while starting the setup is recorded, this is another useful data.


Observation 2:

Detailed role components listed in the setup

There is no HUB and EDGE Roles in Exchange 2013 but you could see here, its installing components required for the transport functions.

The $RoleInstallPath  is not defined while the setup is run only with /PrepareAD switch

This was found while I was troubleshooting my ADPrep failure, interesting – if you see Install-ExchangeSchema function, it looks like its constructing a path to a schema file, but using a variable $RoleInstallPath which is not defined, but more interestingly the function still constructs the path as you can see the end lines showing the complete expected path.

But while you are installing the any roles such as ClientAccess or Mailbox the Variable is well defined


 Observation 3:

 Some services started by the setup as seen from the logs:

So is it necessary to set “Net. Tcp Port Sharing Service” to Automatic as a pre requisite, that needs to be checked during next installation.

That’s all for now.


Please drop your comments.


Exchange 2013 PrepareAD and The Misleading Error: “The system cannot find the file specified”

August 3rd, 2012 No comments

This is a short post to share an issue I did run into while installing my first Exchange 2013 Preview.  First thing I had to do was Preparing the AD and Exchange Organization, which will Extend schema first then prepare Exchange Configuration Partition Objects and Universal Security Groups and other Domain Level permissions.

 So I just installed a new Windows Server 2012 RC Box, and Ran the below in the command line tool.

 Setup.exe /PrepareAD /OrganizationName:GetExchangeLab /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

You see the result, it did pass the Prerequisite Analysis, did warn about no previous versions can be installed after this setup completes, and starts to prepare the organization and fails.  If you have been running from GUI you still will see the same error and more specifically “The system cannot find the file specified”

 Now which file is missing? Lets get to the troubleshooting mode, as for Installation failures the first place to look for is the ExchangeSetup.log file which will by default be in system drive ( C: ) ExchangeSetupLogs Folder.

 And here is what we see in this scenario:

Now, which file is missing here, it is using two files for Schema Update,  one the command ldifde.exe  and the other is the .ldf file in the Temporary Exchange Setup Folder.

 Lets check both:

 We can find the schema0.ldf file (check this while the setup wizard is open otherwise, it looks the temporary data is deleted once setup is completed or failed) in the temporary setup files folder:

 Check if the ldifde.exe exists, and to the interest we don’t have it.

 This tool comes part of RSAT-ADDS, and we have not installed it.

Then why the Hell, Pre-requisites check didn’t fail?

 Once you install RSAT-ADDS all goes well.


How does it look in the logs:

 Now, the setup imports all the files 0-99 and the final SchemaVersion update file.

 By the way it’s a listed pre-requisite

 Reference: Paul Cunningham posted on the same here

You can read there, the Error message on the GUI, and the error message on Windows Server 2008 R2, so on 2008 R2 its at least giving a meaning full error message.



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